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 Jul 22, 2015 -
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Currently we have a DC Universe Online league on the USPS server called TheHeroesOfNosis. The only requirement to join the league is to be level 30. If you are interested in joining add NosisTheGod to your friends list. When NosisTheGod comes online send him a tell that you would like to join the league and that you are level 30. The next step is to send NosisTheGod a group invite so that he can invite you to the league. If he is not busy he will accept your friend request and in most cases leave the league. We are looking for active, responsible players that would be willing to help manage the league. To apply to become an admin of the league go to the contact us page of the website and put your level, combat rating, username, and how often you play in the box required. Title the request “league admin. As an admin you would have to help manage the league hall, kick inactive players, and help organize league events.