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DC Universe Online DLC Episode 22 Kryptonian Preview

More DC Universe Online content is just around the corner with the upcoming release of DCUO DLC 22. This DLC is going to heavily involve the Superman and the other kryptonians. In this DLC players will be returning to the fortress of solitude and visiting the phantom zone for the first time in school universe online. It looks like General Zod is going to play a big role in this DLC. The first new piece of content is a 4 player instance called The Phantom Zone. In this alert the fortress of solitude defenses are malfunctioning. Since superman is away it is up to the heroes to investigate the problem and find the source of the issue. Lex Luthor and the villains of DC Universe Online are going to try to take advantage of this situation. The next piece of content is a 1 player instance called The Science Spire. Reports are in of Kryptonians around Lex Luthor’s science spire in the middle of Metropolis. Both heroes and villains will be going to the science spire to investigate the issue. The new loot coming to the game are Kryptonian inspired gear as well as the final pieces to the Electrostatic and Quickstryke styles. There will also be exclusive elite gear coming in this DLC episode of DC Universe Online.

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