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Why It’s Great That DC Universe Online is Coming to Xbox One

Okay so a while back the developers over at Daybreak Studios announced that DC Universe Online would be coming to the Xbox One. This announcement made me super happy because I have been hoping for it forever. I made a video a couple months ago about the prediction that the free to play game would be coming to Xbox. However, months went by before we heard any official announcements about the topic from the developers themselves. Honestly, I was really starting to lose hope in the whole idea of the game coming to the Xbox one. And then they made the big announcement.

DC Universe Online coming to Xbox One is good for me for a couple reasons. The first reason is that Xbox One is the console that I use most frequently. The reason for this is that most of my friends play on Xbox One so I have the most fun on that console. I have already got a ton of friends that want to make videos with me when dc universe online comes to the Xbox one. Another reason that this is good for me is because it opens the game to a ton of new people. Not only will this sort of revive the game but it will bring new people to watch the content that I produce on both my channel and my website.

The only problem that I have with this is sort of sour sweet. My characters from PS4 will not carry over to the Xbox One. Yes that’s right; the character that I spent thousands of hours working on will not be coming to the Xbox one. At first this seems really bad. However, this will force me to restart the game and re-experience all of the content that I have not played in a long time. In conclusion, DCUO coming to Xbox One is really good! Let me know what you guys think of this announcement in the comments below.

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