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DCUO Coming to Xbox One This Spring!

Hey guys,

I understand that I am a little late on this news. By now most of you probably know that dc universe online will be coming to xbox one this spring. In this article I will give my opinion on the matter. The first thing that I felt when they announced this was joy. Some of you veteran fans may remember that I posted a video several months ago predicting that dcuo would come to xbox one because it was no longer tied to sony. Well as I said months went by before we heard anything more about the game coming to xbox so I started to get a little skeptical. Thankful I predicted right! The first reason that I was happy about this was that I am mainly an xbox player. Most of the other games that I frequently play like halo, destiny, and call of duty are on the xbox one. In addition, most of my friends play on xbox one so I will be able to play dc universe online with them soon. Unfortunately there was some bad news from that announcement. Your PC and PS4 characters will NOT carry over to xbox one. This made me proody sad because I have worked really hard on those characters. There is some good here because it means that I will be able to start a new series on my channel. I am hoping that the new xbox players will also serve as a new audience for me to reach with my youtube channel. This announcement was bitter sweet…but mostly sweet. Let me know what you guys think of the announcement in the comments below!

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