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DCUO – The Flash First Impressions Legends PvP

As many of you know the flash is my favorite character in the dc universe. The problem is that he costs 100 marks of legends which took me forever to save up. After many hours of legends pvp grinding I finally earned enough marks of legend to buy the flash. One of the things that I like about the flash is that he feels different. His attack style is a mix of martial arts and brawling which I have not seen in any other legends character. His block break attack is a melee attack rather than a ranged attack is also different. If you hold range he runs past the enemy and knocks them over. His powers are also fun to use. His abilities don’t feel as recycled as other legends characters which is nice. However, if you look closely you can see all of his recycled abilities. It would be nice to see a legends character with a completely knew set of animations.

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