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Halo 5 Guardians – Fastest Way to Level Up and Gain XP

One of the most controversial topics surrounding halo 5 guardians is the difference between the two man game modes – arena and warzone. This makes sense as players of the game always look for the fastest way to gain xp and rp to gain new equipment for their characters. As a player of halo 5 I asked myself the same question that many others have asked. What is the fastest way to level up in halo 5 guardians. In this article I will go over the research that I conducted to answer this question.

Arena is where I spend most of my time and where I started my research. Of course, it is not as simple as just choosing the difference between arena and warzone. I order to completely understand the best way to gain xp we must analyze all of the parts of arena. I found that slayer was one of the longest lasting game modes. However, it also rewarded me with more xp at the end of the each match. Again, in order to completely answer the question we need to compare the time to xp ratios for each game mode. One of the most interesting parts of Halo is breakout – a playlist that made its debut in halo 5. Breakout has the potential to be both longer and shorter than slayer. As I recorded the various times and xp rewards that I received at the end of each breakout completion I found that it had a better ratio than slayer. I also looked at big team battle and free for all but found that both had ratios that could not match the breakout ratio. The final arena mode that I looked at was swat. Swat matches were fast and rewarded a decent amount of xp. In conclusion, Swat was had the best xp to time ratio of all the area game modes. Watch the video to see the exact numbers and ratios that I found for each game mode.

Warzone is the kind of game that I do not play as much. I am a much bigger fan of the classic halo arena game modes. Warzone takes much longer than arena game modes, yet it rewards players with a much greater amount of both xp and rp. The challenge with playing warzone is that you need a significant amount of time to complete each game. It really sucks when you have to leave the game half way through the match and receive no rewards. After looking at the numbers (watch the video for exact numbers) I found that swat’s ratio was better than warzone.

Req packs are another important part of completely understanding the puzzle that is xp in halo 5. Because I don’t play warzone I can sell all of the items that I get, thus earning more rp that I can spend on new req packs containing xp and rp boosts for arena. You should always have boosts active if you want to gain xp the fastest. Weekend playlist are another important part of leveling up fast. Weekend playlists offer increased xp which you should always take advantage of. On the weekends you should only play the weekend playlist. In addition, time management is also extremely important. If you know that you have a limited time you should only play on the weekends so that you can take advantage of the xp boost from the weekend playlist.

In conclusion people trying to gain xp fast in halo 5 should follow this recipe. During the weekdays only play swat. Buy gold req packs and sell anything having to do with warzone. Constantly use boosts for xp and rp in arena. Always play the weekend playlists and if you have limited time only play on the weekend. Currently I am Spartan rank 45. I found that taking advantage of this strategy helped me level up much faster in halo 5.

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