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DC Universe Online – DLC Episode 20 War of the Light Conclusion

DLC Episode is the next addition to dc universe online. To my knowledge, it features a new raid and a new duo as well as a bunch of new gear. The raid is called blackest night. In the raid you and your team will work to take down the leader of the black lanterns. There is actually a giant black lantern in metropolis that darkens the sky of the city. One of the coolest parts of this raid is that there is a special drop from the final boss. It is a rare drop that looks similar to the chest of the boss. It looks like a torn up chest and reveals organs and other nasty stuff. Definitely a necessity for any halloween themed dc universe online characters. If you cannot get it to drop you can buy it in the marketplace.

The second part of the dlc is a duo in the gotham wastelands. In this dlc you will take on some of Trigon’s sons and a ton of imps. This duo looks proody fun but blackest night will definitely be the highlight of dc universe online dlc episode 20.

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