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DC Universe Online – Bombshells and Black Lanterns

DC Universe Online DLC Epsiode 15 is finally here and it features the bombshell era of the dc universe as well as the super cool black lanterns. The DLC is available now for everyone and can be purchased on the marketplace. Just like all other dlc’s – episode 15 will be free for all legendary members. This dlc features a new 8 player operation called the bombshell paradox. To play this raid your character must be level 30 and you must have a minimum combat rating of 113, however it is suggested that you have a combat rating of 129 before entering the encounter. Basically there is another tear in reality and you and your team must use the nexus of reality as a doorway to enter the Bombshell Universe and fix it. The second part of the DLC is the new black lantern duo called Corrupted Zamaron. Again, you are required to have a combat rating of 113 but it is recomended that you have a combat rating of 129. The “Black” has returned to the dc universe and you must help Carol Ferris cleanse Zamaron from the the darkness. Trailers for both parts of the DLC have been released by Daybreak Studios and can be found below.

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