Why Assault is Halo 5’s Best Gamemode Yet

Yes, I said it. The new gamemode assault, which was just brought to Halo 5 Guardians is my favorite gamemode for a couple of reasons. The first of these reasons is that it leads to absolute chaos between both teams. […]


DC Universe Online DLC Episode 22 Kryptonian Preview

More DC Universe Online content is just around the corner with the upcoming release of DCUO DLC 22. This DLC is going to heavily involve the Superman and the other kryptonians. In this DLC players will be returning to the […]


Why It’s Great That DC Universe Online is Coming to Xbox One

Okay so a while back the developers over at Daybreak Studios announced that DC Universe Online would be coming to the Xbox One. This announcement made me super happy because I have been hoping for it forever. I made a […]


DCUO Coming to Xbox One This Spring!

Hey guys, I understand that I am a little late on this news. By now most of you probably know that dc universe online will be coming to xbox one this spring. In this article I will give my opinion […]


DCUO – The Flash First Impressions Legends PvP

As many of you know the flash is my favorite character in the dc universe. The problem is that he costs 100 marks of legends which took me forever to save up. After many hours of legends pvp grinding I […]


Halo 5 Guardians – Fastest Way to Level Up and Gain XP

One of the most controversial topics surrounding halo 5 guardians is the difference between the two man game modes – arena and warzone. This makes sense as players of the game always look for the fastest way to gain xp […]


DC Universe Online – DLC Episode 20 War of the Light Conclusion

DLC Episode is the next addition to dc universe online. To my knowledge, it features a new raid and a new duo as well as a bunch of new gear. The raid is called blackest night. In the raid you […]


DC Universe Online – Free Awesome Legendary Trinket

As a way to say thank you to the legendary members of dc universe online the developers are giving all legendary members a free trinket. The trinket is a small robot that follows you around for 30 seconds. The trinket […]


Apocalyptic Themes and Morals in The Last of US

In The Road Cormac McCarthy writes, “You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget” a quote that outlines some of the driving themes in The Last of Us. The Last of Us follows […]


DC Universe Online – New PvP Changes Inbound

Hey Guys, Sorry there haven’t been any posts lately. I’ve been super busy with school and finals are just around the corner. Anyways let’s talk dcuo. There are huge changes to pvp coming to dc universe online. Mepps posted to […]

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